--- " The impossible we already do it, for the miracles work in progress " ---   

(  Mr. Enrico Peletti - Owner)

The birth

The birth of "Officina Meccanica Peletti Enrico" was born in 1952 by great idea of Mr Peletti Battista,

continued by his son Enrico since 1977, generation by generation. with partecipation also of fair about

agricultural market in '60s year. Our company manufacture and sell spare parts for agricultural tractors

of the best brands on the market. Our interest, from '60s year, is about principally export to other

country of European Union , but always thinking to espansion to new challenges.


Made in Italy

Our principal objective is based of quality, winning in sector of market about PTO SHAFT.

On international market there are a lot of suppliers, so the competition is very strong but,

also with low prices, we are be able to supply the EXCELLENT SERVICE WITH A

COMPETITIVE PRICE, with products worked in Italy.


Objective achieved!

In 2017 OFFICINA MECCANICA PELETTI arrive of objective of 65 years of manufacture of

spare parts, first with manual and semi-automatic lathes, while now with automatic

lathes and CNC machining centers. Our products are similar to original parts but we can

not sell them as these, so that original references are only information.



Expansion ! 

After the hard work on the part of the father, 

the passion is transmitted to the daughter Fiammetta and finally she too joins the company,

bringing new and technological ideas, our Future!